Friday, September 18, 2009

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I think I win some kind of award for blog negligence. But all that is about to change, my friends. I have been blog-spying on my college buddies and the guilt has finally caught up with me. I also recently purchased a new camera and the guilt surrounding that has also caught up with me. (Although, to be fair, it must be noted that the camera is tiny and red. Who could resist?!)

Since we last left off, dear readers, I have acquired a new pet in addition to our fearless hero, Guster the dog. The new pet is an orangish cat named Georgie, who has a penchant for swatting knick-knacks off shelves, tables, desks, etc. He also licks things. He licks things like my books. Yes, you read that correctly, my ridiculous cat licks my books.

The other HUGE news is that tomorrow I'm taking the GMATs. I've also been reading a book on stress. I'll let you make the appropriate assumptions about my present state of mind.