Friday, August 10, 2007


There is a slight... OK, not so slight... chance that I need to go to Legoland. Behold: LEGOLAND

I have rekindled my love of Legos because of one guy: Nathan Sawaya. He's hilarious and builds stuff all out of Legos. While this is not even close to one of his best sculptures, it's got a terribly funny story along with it, which I have shamelessly stolen from Nathan's website:

There once was a very young boy,
Who came up with an ingenious ploy:
He made a wish
For his name and a fish,
To be made from his favorite toy.

Unfortunately, his name was Steven.

So you do get an idea of his awesome work -- in addition to his brilliant sense of humor, I've shamelessly swiped another image from his site. Here it is, my gift... ahem, Nathan's gift... to you:

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yimfay said...

Hahaha! You should have put the picture of the know, the idea he stole from you ;)