Friday, December 23, 2005


So... It is now, officially, the holiday season. In less than 90 minutes, I am leaving work to get in my car, in which I will sit (picking my nose, listening to Mahler loudly, talking to the dog, and staring at other drivers doing the same) for several hours to move a mere 30 miles. Happy holidays to me.

I have been out of it. Completely out of it. I confess to not having finished my shopping as of yet -- two days before Christmas. I'm sorry the folks on my list who, barring any holiday miracles, won't receive their presents until after Christmas. I'm a terrible friend... especially when it comes to promptness in gift-giving. And card sending. I've just given up on card sending. Forget it. If I write out a card in 2006, you'll be lucky if you get it by 2008.

In short, this is what the holidays mean to me: sitting in traffic and reminders of my forgetfulness. Well... traffic, my forgetfulness, and freshly baked cookies.


Steve said...

You must look on the bright side... It may be a 30 mile trip that will take you 7 hours, while Guster loses his lunch on the front seat of the car, but you get to spend an entire weekend with your quirky, yet loving family... On second thought, maybe there is no bright side... Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!

yimfay said...

ewwww, please no gold digging! ;)