Saturday, December 31, 2005

Stop. Hummer time.

There is a very strange commercial on TV right now. It's for Hummers and has a Christmas theme. A yule log DVD is playing on the backseat DVD players. The driver is a handsome young man wearing a Santa hat. The girls in the backseats are wearing tinsel garlands and playfully swatting each other with said garlands. But here's the clincher -- the part that makes this commercial so weird and a little creepy -- wait for it, wait for it... One of the passengers is wearing a mascot-type Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer costume.

Does anyone else find this strange? My friends and I never never NEVER EVER wear mascot-type costumes for non-Halloween events. Never. Why? Because it's weird. WEIRD. You might think that someone at Hummer, Inc. participating in the production and subsequent airing of this commercial would have said, "You know, guys, a young twenty-something riding in the backseat of a Hummer wearing a full-body Rudolph costume isn't normal. It's kinda weird. Maybe it's a little funny to some, but creepy to most. I don't really think that we should do this commercial." But, no. It would seem that no one said any such thing. Or if someone did, he/she was squashed like a bug. "No, no, you fool. You are completely off-base. People want to see young twenty-somethings being creepy. People will buy our overpriced ugly tank-like trucks because of Rudolph."



yimfay said...

*I* don't think it's weird. It makes perfect sense to have Rudolph in the Hummer. He's supposed to be "guiding" Santa who has since traded in his old and busted for the new hotness. It all makes sense to me, how could you fail to see that? ;)

oonams said...

Yah, but if Santa has traded in his reindeer for the new Hummer...then why would Rudolph be riding along? Shouldn't he be off trying to find a new job with Comit and Cupid?

Steve said...

What was even stranger to me was that guy in the very back in the Hummer wearing a Menorah on his head and eating potato latkes, and the african american girl sitting next to him wearing the Kinara and holding the Kikombe cha Umoja. WHAT HAVE THESE HUMMER MARKETING FOLKS DONE!!!!

yimfay said...

Perhaps the new Hummer didn't have GPS?