Friday, December 16, 2005

Mickey Mouse and Bananas

Today I learned -- courtesy of The New York Times -- that the food industry is trying to make fruits and vegetables more appealing to kids. Obesity is climbing to record heights. The solution: slap Mickey Mouse on the foods you want kids to eat.

While I think this is a great start, I also think that there are several problems. It's hard to put packaging on "pre-packaged" foods like bananas, oranges, etc. Those wimpy little stickers -- like the Chiquita Banana girl or Dole ones -- fall off or go unnoticed. Not to mention that shrink wrapping fruit means that shoppers can't check the fruit's freshness. Besides, kids who are already hooked on delicious processed food (such as Oreo double-stuff cookies) aren't going to make the shift to fruit if their parents are still buying Oreos.

It's hopeless. I'm glad I'm not a fat kid growing up today.

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oonams said...

wunderhund...your human is the coolest ever. She's awesome, and by awesome I mean totally sweet!